Ruth Lopez, Untitled, 2014.      © All Rights Reserved.

In 2009, I started the blog dearmissvalland. I forgot to renew my domain name ( went to a stripper complete with an image of her hanging upside down on a pole). At first, it was going to be a continuation of arts writing but it slid, like a stripper down a pole, into the personal.

I began exploring the connections that emerged, invariably, with each post. It became about memory & culture. Rose seemed to be more interested in that conversation than in what I was seeing out in the art world. The narrative was/is image driven. The images were/are mine. I started a new blog of arts writing called the Weekly Planner on tumblr — but quickly abandoned it as my preoccupations with other thinking and ideas were not taking me near commercial gallery spaces. I still write about the arts as a freelancer (and enjoy it). Last time I checked, the domain name is up for grabs again. $999 OBO.